Dry Hopping Boot Camp

For the love of hops: webinar series on dry hopping

Dry hopping is by far the most popular topic at the BarthHaas HOPS ACADEMY. In fact, we see more and more people, trained professionals and newcomers alike, expressing an interest in the techniques, tools and the sensory significance of dry hopping.

Dry Hopping Boot Camp

We reveal the aroma secret:

Dry Hopping is fully in trend: On the one hand, this may be connected to the increasing popularity of West Coast and New England IPA and Dry-hopped Lager – but the technique itself is by no means limited to trendy craft beer styles. In fact, dry-hopping may not only give beer a unique aroma profile, and hence provide character. Dry hopping may also simply enhance the overall beer flavor in all kinds of styles. It also increases foam stability and improves drinkability – to mention only a few features of this favorable brewing technique.

Available languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Italian



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