Hop Harvest Day
Hop Flavorist Course


It's Harvest Time!

Hop Flavorist Course

Hop Harvest Day

Experience the excitement of hop harvest season with our exclusive Hop Harvest Day on a working hop farm!

Hop Flavorist Course

This course is unique – the world’s most comprehensive course for training true experts in the flavors of hops. Immerse yourself in the universe of hops and follow a structured syllabus covering the language and secrets of experiencing hops through taste and other senses.

Hop knowledge and brewing knowhow from the experts

Our taste experts are here to guide you through the world of hops and brewing: Experience hops with all your senses, learn technical tricks for your brewing process and stay on top of the newest industry trends. Come and find the perfect course for yourself! 

Exactly the right course for you.

For Our Growers

As a grower, you lay the foundation for everything that the best beers worldwide need. Together, we will take the path to unique taste and assured hop quality, sharing our knowledge and experience for the best partnership in the hop business.


Current Events

A unique place of inspiration

Choose between a variety of lectures, courses and workshops ­– put together by our experts and tailored individually to your group event. 

We put our passion for hops into teaching you all you need to know. In order to do so, we have created the BarthHaas campus: Not just as an event location but also as a unique playground for the creative art of brewing.


Visit our Campus   Visit our Campus Concept Brewery

Hops Academy FAQ

What training opportunities does the Hops Academy offer?

In the HOPS ACADEMY there are different further training courses on the topics of hops and taste. You can find an overview of online & classroom courses here: Courses

How can I train my sensory abilities?

Together with our team of experts we have developed the BarthHaas AromaKit. It offers the ideal opportunity to train and improve sensory skills. 

Are Hops Academy courses also offered online?

Yes, the Hops Academy wants to give everyone access to knowledge and therefore offers courses in digital form - our Hopinare. Among other things, topics such as dry hopping or hop harvesting are offered. There is something for everyone!

What technical requirements do I need to participate in an online course?

You need a stable internet connection, a mobile device or laptop and you are ready to go! Have fun.

In which languages are the courses of the Hops Academy offered?

Most courses are offered in English and/or German. But there are also courses in Italian and Spanish.

How do the courses work as classroom courses?

In addition to imparting knowledge, the courses are also practical: from sensory training to taste tastings and the creation of your personal flavor profile. Our experts look forward to meeting you!

Will I receive a certificate after successful participation?

Yes, after successful course participation at the Hop Academy you will receive your personal certificate.