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Hop Flavorist Course

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Hop Flavorist Course

Become an expert on hops and learn all about the language and secrets of experiencing hops through taste and other senses.

We Grow Together

Stay up to date with the latest in agriculture, running a business, legal aspects, sustainability and brewing trends.

A Playground For Flavor Creations

Explore opportunities in the art of brewing and create new beers that make unforgettable contributions to the world of aromas.

Inspired By A Thirst For Knowledge

Be inspired by renowned experts and tasters from the world of brewing and hop cultivation. Our exclusive workshops and presentations will quench your thirst for information about the potential and creative opportunities of this green gold.

Hops Academy Workshops

Whether your're an expert or a beginner: BarthHaas offers inspiration to all. Choose between a variety of courses, workshops and events lead by our experts on campus and experiment with us over at the concept brewery. See you there!

A Unique Place Of Inspiration

We put our passion for hops into teaching you all you need to know. In order to do so, we have created the BarthHaas campus: Not just as a location for a variety of events but also as a unique playground for the creative art of brewing.

barthhaas campus

Playground Of Good Taste

Come and pay us a visit! The BarthHaas campus is all about your visions. Our young team of brewing experts are looking forward to sharing ideas with you, generating a rich source of inspiration and embarking together on unforgettable flavor expeditions.

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concept brewery

No Limits in Brewing

ABREWCALYPSE NOW, our in-house concept brewery located on the BarthHaas Campus, is the world’s most advanced flavor workshop. Our team of brewers combine rich experience of their craft and true passion for hops with the latest brewing techniques. Put us to the test with your ideas!

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brewing solutions

Supporting You With Our Expertise

Our experts are here for you. Whether you are interested in flavor, brews, the brewing process or how to use our products most efficiently, we will find the answer and make recommendations. Our qualified team of brewing and beverage technologists have just the right blend of skills that you need for your beer innovations.

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We Are Here For You

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Eventmanagement, BarthHaas Campus and Hopinars

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