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For Taste And Security

A driving force for flavour and reliability for more than 225 years, we have been visionaries and trailblazers in the market for these unique building blocks of flavor. Ours is the story of a passion that never ends. It forms the foundation for our relationships with you, our customers, growers, employees and friends of the business who are ready to meet the challenges of the future. We look forward to collaborating with you!



Our Mission

Because We Know 
How Beer and Beverages Should Taste

Making the taste experiences possible from the natural raw material hops - that is our passion. To this end, we have created a unique know-how and innovation environment and specifically promote the success of our customers and suppliers. You too can be part of the change in the world of taste!


Corporate Governance


Strongly Rooted

We know where we’re going, and where we’re from. We have remained true to our heritage as a Southern German hops merchant for more than two centuries.


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Growth for Generations

We are focused on securing long-term value through a sustainable business model. Our regular Sustainability Report shines a light on our desire to be accountable for our actions throughout the value chain.


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News from our Company

BarthHaas at Drinktec 2022

At Drinktec, BarthHaas, the world’s leading provider of hop-related services, will be focusing on the latest brewing trends, passionate craftsmanship,…

BarthHaas Report 2021/2022

With the key data on hop cultivation area, hop harvest quantity, alpha acid production and beer output, the BarthHaas Report has been providing the…

BarthHaas releases HOPHAZE®

BarthHaas releases their newest brewing product, HopHaze. HopHaze can be used in post-fermentation to add a stable hazy complexion to beer and other…

BarthHaas Aims to Revolutionize Dry-Hopping with the Roll-Out of SPECTRUM

Hop specialist BarthHaas aims to revolutionize dry-hopping with its latest product SPECTRUM. This liquid hop product delivers a full true-to-type,…

We care about your data

The ITQ Basic Certification strengthens our position as your reliable partner in the field of information security. For you, this means:

Increased Security: Our certified professionals are well-trained in the latest security standards and practices to optimally protect your sensitive data.
Trust and Reliability: With the ITQ Basic Certification, we demonstrate our commitment to the highest security standards, giving you the assurance that your information is in safe hands.
Proactive Risk Mitigation: Our deep knowledge enables us to identify and address potential security risks early, before they become real threats.
Compliance with Standards: The certification confirms that we operate according to recognized security standards, which is especially important for companies that must meet strict compliance requirements.
Protection against Cyber Threats: Through our continuous training and certification, we stay up-to-date with the latest technology to protect you against current and future cyber threats.

Trust in our certified expertise in information security and benefit from our commitment to protecting your data and IT infrastructure. Together, we ensure a secure digital future.