The Way
To Being
A Hops Pro

All Hop Flavorist courses up to the Hop Flavorist Master must be completed within one year. The introductory course Hop Flavorist 1 is the basic prerequisite for all participants, the courses 2, 3 and 4 can be booked by interested parties according to their preferences. For the grand finale Hop Flavorist Master (part 5), participation in Hop Flavorist 1 to 4 is a prerequisite.

Hop Flavorist Level 1

The Connoisseur

The basics of evaluating flavor by sense

The task of training your senses starts with an extended warm-up for your sense receptors and your brain. The task of describing in words what your senses are telling your brain is not an easy one. Fruits, herbs and other natural aromas give us the building blocks for learning how to work with a range of well-known hop varieties.

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Hop Flavorist Level 2

The Sommelier

How botany and breeding influence hop flavors

Your sense memory will be put to a flavor test by a range of natural substances and hop varieties. The aim is to strengthen the connections between your appreciation of aroma and the language center of your brain to help you describe flavors more accurately.

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Hop Flavorist Level 3

The Sniffer

Production and modification of aromas in the brewing process

Anyone who wants to feel at home in the hop garden has to understand the many factors that affect the aroma of green gold. This targeted training for your sensors allows to to distinguish even the most similar hop varieties according to various categories.

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Hop Flavorist Level 4

The Clairvoyant

How the micro-climate affects hop flavors

The fourth stage of the Hop Flavorist Course is literally a who's who of hops. We take sense training a step further to focus on specific categories, learning how to identify the subtle differences among more than 250 unique varieties of hop available around the world.

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Hop Flavorist Level 5

The Master

Tools for innovative flavor design and final assessment

Just like an athlete training specific muscle groups for competition, the hop expert must regularly train their sense receptors and brain. Alongside creativity and experience, repetition and deeper and deeper learning are the hallmarks of great tasters. This is the purpose of the fifth and final level of the course.

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