Thriving Together In An Ever Changing World

At BarthHaas we know there are a number of different areas where we can stand alongside you to face future challenges. By understanding these challenges, by having open conversations about them, and by creating innovative solutions together, we can help make your business stronger and more successful.

Thriving Together

The world is changing, and so is our industry. Discover more about our new innovations and ideas for a successful future!


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Breaking The Boundaries

Our expertise, the developments in our research centers and the output from our laboratory breweries are a never-ending source of innovative products and processes in relation to hops and brewing.

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BarthHaas Report 2022/2023

For over 120 years the BarthHaas report has focused on the most important key factors in the industry in addition to the current political and social situation: The harvest balance of the past year.

Bottled Trend Report

The BarthHaas Inspiration Range 2022 unites creativity, the latest brewing trends, passionate craftsmanship and innovative hop products and varieties. All with one goal: To inspire you with the best hop aroma and flavor.

Inspiration Range 2022

This year, the Brewing Solutions team has set its sights on concepts beyond beer and presented four non-alcoholic hop-based beverages at drinktec in Munich.


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Experts With Ideas That Sparkle

Our team of experts would love to talk and get your creative juices flowing! Whether you are interested in flavor, brews, the brewing process or how to use our products most efficiently, we will find the answer and make recommendations. Get in touch!


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Industry Trends 2022/2023

With the key data on hop cultivation area, hop harvest quantity, alpha acid production and beer output, the BarthHaas Report has been providing the most important key figures on the global hop market for 120 years.


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Success Story – Hoppebräu Brewery

Sharing passion

"Your commitment, as well as your input at the concept brewery and the entire ambient on the BarthHaas campus was great. I also really enjoyed the way you passed on your knowhow to your guests and shared your passion with us."


Hoppebräu Brewery 2022


Success Story – Doppeleu Boxer Brewery

Vanilla Milkshake IPA

"Our cooperation with BarthHaas allowed our trainees to create their own beer on a small-scale, which we were able to upscale afterwards within our own facility. Moreover, this was a way for us to test new hop varieties and products. Our collaboration with the team at BarthHaas was a lot of fun and resulted in a very tasty beer."


Doppeleu Boxer Brewery 2022


Success Story – Vattanac Brewery

True value added

"Our cooperation with the team at BarthHaas was stellar. We conceptualized product formulations that we were able to take to full commercial scale with confidence. We gained valuable insights into the hop industry and developed a strategy for security of supply. The team at BarthHaas delivered true value added services as a partner, beyond the role of a supplier."


Vattanac Brewery 2022

Concept Brewery

Where Brewing Meets Adventure

No idea is too crazy – this is where you can try anything, make it better and then throw it all in the mix. ABREWCALYPSE NOW, our in-house concept brewery located on the BarthHaas Campus, is the world’s most advanced flavor workshop. Our team of brewers combine rich experience of their craft and true passion for hops with the latest brewing techniques. Put us to the test with your ideas!


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