European hop cultivation has a lot to offer. More than twenty countries produce high-quality hops within Europe. At the same time, their cultivation differs from that of other continents. The structures of most farms are smaller and often family-run. The variety spectrum ranges from the finest aroma varieties, such as the Czech Saazer, to bitter varieties with large acreages, such as Herkules from Germany, to a wide variety of specialty aroma varieties. Germany is the largest European hop producer, followed by the Czech Republic and Poland.


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Many of the German varieties you know and love are the product of the great work of the Hop Research Center in Hüll. It is the hub for research and breeding in German hop cultivation. New varieties are constantly being bred with unique flavors and different alpha contents to meet the needs of brewers and the requirements of hop growers.

In 2022 a new COextraction plant of BarthHaas and the HVG Hop Processing Cooperative was opened in St. Johann, Germany. Each season, the plant in St. Johann processes around 33,000t of raw hops (60 varieties from 16 growing regions) into pellets and concentrated hop extract - equivalent to around 26% of the world's harvest. Worldwide, the extraction plant in St. Johann supplies breweries in 100 countries.


BarthHaas group member HPA have brought the world some legendary hop variaties, with the likes of Galaxy®, Enigma® and Vic Secret™ being established favorites in breweries around the world. The newest release from HPA's highly successful breeding program is Eclipse®, a big-hitting, fruit-forward flavor hop bursting with sweet mandarin, zesty citrus peel and fresh pine needles, The BarthHaas group is now working together to bring Eclipse® to as many brewers as possible, with no doubt it will be another hugely popular and desired variety.


More about HPA

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Hop Products Australia: The country's largest hop grower


Many brewers know the Hop Breeding Company (HBC) is a joint venture between BarthHaas group member John I. Haas and Yakima Chief Ranches. HBC is responsible for many of the exciting hop varieties that define modern brewing, and that go on to receive commercial brand names, like: Citra®, Mosaic®, Sabro®, and more. For the coming years, some of the most promising are HBC 1019, HBC 630, and HBC 586. Michael Ferguson, head of HAAS' hop breeding program says "HBC 630 and HBC 586 are big, fruit-forward hops. I love 1019, it's a creamy-sweet hop with tropical, almost cadied-fruit-like flavor."


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An Introduction to HAAS®


We offer more varieties direct from more major hop growing regions than any other hop supplier in the world.

Highest Quality

We use our global buying power to support farmers with fair prices and secure the best crops in return, meaning you get the best possible quality from BarthHaas.

Stand Out Varieties

Many of the hop varieties we offer are only available to the BarthHaas Group, giving you something different to create great flavor with.

Security For You

No matter where our hops are grown, we test them to ensure that they meet the legal requirements with regards to pesticide residues and active compounds, when and where they are sold to you.

Our Quality Standard Is International

BarthHaas quality remains BarthHaas quality, no matter where the hops come from. Learn more about our Quality Management System, Product Safety and Testing Guarantee!


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