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When aiming for high product quality, our approach to quality assurance is uniquely comprehensive. We work with our growers to ensure that the hops you use could not be of a higher quality. Find out more about how we guarantee optimum quality.

Safety First – That's Our Guarantee

For us at BarthHaas, it is important that you can concentrate on what you do best – creating first-class flavors for your customers. To make sure you can achieve this, our approach to quality assurance is uniquely comprehensive. We work with our growers to ensure that the hops and hop products you receive from us are of the highest quality. From the plant to the finished hop product we can guarantee complete traceability and quality. In order to improve our products and services in the long term, our processes are regularly reviewed.


All the hops we purchase are combined into blending samples according to precisely defined parameters and 100 % analyzed for possible pesticide residues. Only after we receive the analysis results, are the hops then released for processing or marketing. As an international acting group with facilities/sites in the USA, Australia and Europe we have established a Global Quality Group with regular meetings, to be able to act upon quality requirements from our customers.


How do we deal best with constantly changing residue regulations? Where do challenges arise in this respect and how can brewers reduce potential risks regarding MRL requirements inside and outside their home markets?

Reinhold Kugel, Head of Product Safety and Quality Management, explains.

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Brewing in Times of Climate Change: Secure Your Business With the Help of the BarthHaas Guarantee

Our Three Pillars Of Quality




100% Tested

The BarthHaas Guarantee ensures that when you buy hops or hop products from us, there are three key things that you can rely on: quality, accountability and protection.


Your business needs to rely on our products and what we do. In response we have embedded effective management systems such as HACCP, ISO 9001 and 22000 standards as robust drivers of our business. We also collaborate with our growers to monitor and protect product quality throughout. The result is that we are integrated throughout the supply of hops around the world, driving quality and improvement wherever we can.


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HACCP Concept


ISO 9001 and 22000 Standards


Our traceability works. If you ever need to query the history or provenance of a BarthHaas product, we have the power. We manage a comprehensive database that can trace hops back to the farm lot with ease. Our quality team are able to investigate queries swiftly and give you the answers you need to reassure your customers.

Complete Traceability

Plant Protection Calendar

Early Warning System

Pesticide Record


You are legally responsible for the safety of the products that you provide to your customers, including making sure that all levels of pesticides and other active ingredients are within legal limits.


At BarthHaas we test and screen all 100% of our hops for known active ingredients, to ensure that the products we provide you meet the requirements of the legislation required in your country of business.

100 % Test Guarantee

Residue Analysis

Comprehensive Screening

* The BarthHaas guarantee refers to the comprehensive quality control measures and analysis of active compounds to which BarthHaas hops and hop products are subject. It is not a guarantee of the 100% purity of the product.

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