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The BarthHaas Inspiration Range 2022 unites creativity, the latest brewing trends, passionate craftsmanship and innovative hop products and varieties. All with one goal: To inspire you with the best hop aroma and flavor.

A story of Tranquility

Hop Water

Our Hop Water delivers a tranquil light citrus and gentle herbal and piney hop flavor from SPECTRUM CITRA®, our liquid dry hopping product. We combine this with an infusion of chamomile, stevia for sweetness and green tea as an antioxidant. Finally, an additional touch of Cascade and Willamette PHA® TopNote to perfect the aroma.

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A story of renewal

Hop Tonic Water

Our cool and lively Hop Tonic Water renews you with a subtle, light-stable hop bitterness from Redihop®, our solution of pure rho-iso-α-acids. This means that like traditional tonics, you can drink it in the sun without it developing any off flavors. We then use Cascade PHA® to add a fresh grassy aroma and a light refreshing cucumber taste.

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A story of Energy


Get big flavor and energy from our hop kombucha. Starting with a green and black tea base, our Kombucha uses our super consistent and optimized Callista and Huell Melon LUPOMAX® pellets. These add fresh citrus and elderflower aromas and sweet and red fruit taste to suppress any vinegar flavors.

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A story of strentgh

Non-Alcoholic Beer

Our non-alcoholic beer pumps up the hop flavor, employing our INCOGNITO® liquid whirlpool addition, SPECTRUM liquid dry hop product and LUPOMAX® enhanced pellets to add Mosaic®, Citra® and Ariana flavors. MartinBauer then added orange essence, grapefruit, guarana seed and ginseng root to add an energetic zing and caffeine hit.

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