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How can you deliver amazing flavor for your customers in a way that is more EFFICIENT, in a way that mitigates future risk to offer your business SECURITY, and in a way that helps you DIVERSIFY what you can offer as customer tastes change?

We have put together a range of beers and beverages that show you how you can begin to think about new hop varieties, new liquid hop product technology, and even new non-beer recipes, so that as partners, we can thrive together in the future.

We have marked each of our recipes with simple icons, so you can see what benefits for your business each beverage is showcasing.


When you see this symbol, it means that the beverage is brewed using one of the next generation of liquid hop products.


When you see this symbol, it means that the beverage is brewed using a new generation of more resilient hop variety, to help protect your future hop supply.


When you see this symbol, it means that the beverage is brewed to show what non-beer options brewers might have to diversify their range to create new revenue streams for their business.

Light Lager 

Light lagers are increasing in popularity as customers continue to look for a great beer but with a lower alcohol content. The Classic German hop varieties are often used to carefully create the delicate flavors needed in this style. With this beer we have used new varieties to both bitter and flavor the beer to show that they are a viable alternative when creating balanced and delicate flavor.

Tasting Notes

Super refreshing and crisp. Easy drinking with hints of green grassy, herbal notes.


Titan, Tango and Marynka varieties

ABV: 3.1%, IBU: 12


Lager beers have always remained popular over many years and provide a foundation for the wider beer industry. Classic hop varieties are often used to create the traditional lager flavors. With this beer we have used newer European varieties. Titan provides a reliable and clean bitterness. Celeia and Aurora are combined as aroma hops to create a classic lager flavor.

Tasting Notes

Typical lager characteristic with some fresh hop aroma like fresh cut grass and a delicate mixture of herbs.


Titan, Celeia and Aurora ​​​​​​​varieties

ABV: 4.9%, IBU: 20

Wheat Beer

A modern, hoppy weizenbier that will appeal to a wide number of customers. We’ve used the newer more climate resistant varieties, of Mandarina Bavaria and Ariana to create a wheat beer that can be enjoyed by even the most ardent traditionalist.

Tasting Notes

A good combination of a typical estery and phenolic yeast character with hop aroma. A hint of citrus and green herbal notes rounded-off with some sweet fruits.


Mandarina Bavaria and Ariana varieties

ABV: 6.0%, IBU: 15

Pale Ale

We’ve created a beer that delivers the amazing hop flavors only available from the big Australian varieties Galaxy® and Eclipse®. The difference is that by using our liquid products to both bitter and flavor the beer, we have produced it far more efficiently than if we had used any of the pellet formats. Finally, to make it even more interesting we’ve also added the new HBC 1019 variety.

Tasting Notes

A sumptuous fruity and tropical aroma that is supported by red fruits with sweet fruits.


FLEX®, INCOGNITO® Citra®, SPECTRUM Eclipse® and Galaxy® & HBC 1019 variety

ABV: 5.5%, IBU: 25

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Hop Vitamin Water

Made in collaboration with our friends at Martin Bauer to show that hop flavor can be used in a myriad of creative ways. This hop water has been created using our liquid hop products to give it a balanced yet complex and pleasant flavor. Because we use liquid hops, it's ultra efficient and very consistent to make. As a final inspiration for you we have added vitamins and natural fruits to make something super healthy and appealing for your customers.

Tasting Notes

Spicy hop and green grass aroma combined with light citrussy notes of lemongrass and kumquat.


SPECTRUM (Citra®, Eclipse® and Galaxy®) & PHA® TOPNOTE HAL liquid hop products

ABV: 0.0%, CALORIES: 0

Hoppy Session Mead

Mead is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks brewed by people. Here we use our super-efficient liquid hop products to bring it very much into the modern world. The hopping process is much simplified by using liquid hop products making it easy and consistent. The hop flavors both complement and enhance the natural mead flavors to make it something far more interesting.

Tasting Notes

An intense mix of green fruit aroma with sweet and red fruits.


INCOGNITO® Mosaic® & SPECTRUM Mosaic® liquid hop products

ABV: 5.0%


This is a fun beverage that will appeal to a wide range of customers. It’s made using natural hop oil products for super easy and efficient dosing that makes a highly consistent and replicable recipe. We use spirulina algae to give it an attractive blue color and make it stand out. A low cost and easy way to create an additional revenue stream for your business.

Tasting Notes

A classic lemonade base with hop derived citrus and additional green grassy and herbal characteristics in support.


PHA® TOPNOTE Citra® and TOPNOTE Cascade® liquid hop products.

ABV: 0.0%

Non-Alcoholic Beer

This is a dealcoholized version of our pale ale made with our friends at Banke. By using the liquid hop products to dry-hop super efficiently, combined with the special dealcoholization process, we ensure that an intense hop aroma remains in the beer. We again use HopHaze® to easily create a stable beer haze. The result is a great beer for your customers that want all the flavor without the alcohol.

Tasting Notes

A sumptuous fruity and tropical aroma that is supported by red fruits with sweet fruits.


FLEX®, INCOGNITO® Citra®, SPECTRUM (Eclipse® and Galaxy®) and HopHaze®​​​​​​​ liquid hop products & HBC 1019 variety

ABV: <0.5%, IBU: 25

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