Do you want to improve your bittering yield and simultaneously reduce your transportation and storage costs? Flex® is a bittering extract that is flowable at room temperature and was designed specifically for high efficiency bittering.

Flex® has a high alpha acid concentration and contains no solid matter. Additions to the wort and whirlpool can be reduced significantly compared to pellets, and losses due to high solid load can be eliminated almost completely.


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FLEX® | BarthHaas


Sustainable Addition Of Bitterness

All brewers should seriously consider using Flex® to add a natural hop bitterness when brewing. It’s 100% liquid hops that offers real practical and financial benefits.

Beautiful Bitterness

Flex® delivers a natural, consistent bitterness that helps you control and manage your beer flavor.

Quick, Clean and Easy

Flex® is simply poured straight into the kettle. With no solid matter, you lose no wort and there is no solid material to dispose of.

Improved Sustainability

Flex® provides greater efficiency in shipping and storage due to its more than 75% reduction in product weight compared to standard T90 hop pellets.


Composition: Produced from CO2 hop extract

Delivery: Supplied in 10kg and 2kg recyclable plastic containers

Usage: At the beginning of the boil, directly into the kettle

Shelf life: 36 months (when stored properly)

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