Big hop flavor poured straight in to your whirlpool. INCOGNITO® is a 100% natural hop product that delivers highly concentrated flavor, maximizes efficiency and reduces process loss to save you time and money.

True-to-type and simple to dose without the need for special equipment, INCOGNITO®  is designed to maximize flavor efficiency. It is flowable at room temperature and ensures maximum hop flavor with minimum process loss, while also reducing storage and transportation costs.


What is

Today the love of hop-forward beers is driving brewers to use more hops than ever before. Every brewer knows: the more pellets you use, the more beer you lose in the process. Now there’s INCOGNITO®, an all-natural hop flavor product specifically designed to be used in the whirlpool – and to deliver the impactful, variety-specific flavor outcomes brewers want.


All Natural & 100% Hop-Derived

Thanks to its low viscosity, this pure varietal hop product is perfect for late hopping in modern whirlpool equipment with low solid matter capacity. Beer losses are significantly reduced compared with using pellets for late hopping.

100% Hops

Zero Vegetative Material

Get all the alpha acids and flavor compounds of hops without the vegetative material, for maximized efficiency and greater yield.


Consistent Hop flavors

INCOGNITO Citra, INCOGNITO Mosaic, INCOGNITO Ekuanot, INCOGNITO Sabro and INCOGNITO HBC 472 c.v. deliver the same, consistent flavor profiles as pellets.


Plays Well With Pellets And Whole Hops

INCOGNITO is pure hops, so it blends perfectly with pellets, whole hops or other INCOGNITO varieties for wonderfully complex flavors.

Easy to use

Flowable At Ambient Temperature

There’s no need to pre-heat or to use special equipment. It’s easy to pour and offers great solubility in hot wort, so it’s easy to use.


Reduced Shipping And Storage Costs

INCOGNITO comes in 2 and 10-kg recyclable plastic bottles that have less shipping and storage costs, compared to pellets.

Clean Workstation

Less Clean Up And Less Waste

INCOGNITO’s flowability and solubility makes clean-up a breeze, with less wastewater effluent for lower BOD and COD.

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INCOGNITO® | BarthHaas

The Best Parts of the hops

Now available in eight varieties.

INCOGNITO®is available in: Centennial, Chinook, Citra®, Ekuanot®, El Dorado®, HBC 472 c.v., Mosaic®, and Sabro®.


Manufacturing: Produced from CO2 hop extract.


Packaging: Supplied in 10 kg and 2 kg recyclable plastic containers.

Application: Mix with the hot wort before pouring into the whirlpool.


Shelf life: 2 years (when stored properly).

Ready to start brewing with


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