Full Flavor SPECTRUM

Full Flavor SPECTRUM

Revolutionize your dry hopping with SPECTRUM – 100% hop-derived, flowable and fully-dispersible in cold side applications for a well-rounded flavor and less beer loss.

A new approach to dry-hopping for all brewers

With SPECTRUM you can dry-hop in a way that achieves a substantial increase in yields, and a reduction in tank turnover times, while maintaining the full dry-hop flavor in your beer.

What is Spectrum?

SPECTRUM is a revolutionary, new, fully dispersable liquid hop product that delivers full true to type dry-hop characteristics. The product is 100% hop material with no solvents or artificial additions. Imagine the finest hop pellets in liquid form and you will understand the impact and efficiency gained when using SPECTRUM.



Increasing Brewing Yields

Unlike any other dry-hopping product SPECTRUM is the only product that is 100% hops and completely dissolves into cold beer, leaving you with more beer to sell and less cleaning.

Delivers Stable Hop Flavor

SPECTRUM delivers the full range of true-to-type dry-hop flavor compounds including all of the glycosidically bound fractions, making them available for amazing bio-transformation reactions in your beer.

100% Hops

SPECTRUM is 100% hops in liquid form with no carriers or synthetic solvents.

Hard Facts and Figures

Read our Whitepaper to gain in-depth information about brewing with SPECTRUM and why it's time to rethink dry-hopping.

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Next Generation Dry-Hopping

SPECTRUM removes the challenges that dry-hopping with other dry-hopping products can create. It offers the opportunity to maintain all of the advantages of dry-hopping whilst also protecting your profits.

Efficient work

SPECTRUM Varieties

We currently produce SPECTRUM in Citra® (HBC 394 c.v.), Mosaic® (HBC 369 c.v.), Galaxy®, Eclipse®, Azzaca®, BRU-1™, Cascade and Vic Secret®.


SPECTRUM For Your Success

A new approach to dry-hopping for all brewers. Download the whitepaper now to learn about the real world examples from our trial partners.

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A dry-hopping Method like no other

A Product of Years of Research

After years of research and development, we are proud to offer a unique product:
Get more information and technical details here in the videos!

A quick introduction to the revolutionary SPECTRUM liquid dry-hopping product. Watch now:

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HPA Hops Victorian Tour

A quick guide to how to dose Spectrum when dry-hopping. Watch now:

Spectrum Campaign Video 2 | BarthHaas

“On the last Double Apocalypse we got 31 hL and on this one we got 35.8 hL unpackaged beer […] we have never brewed a Double IPA with more than 35 yields out of 40. Those are the numbers; and numbers don’t lie.”



Head Brewer
Amundsen Bryggeri

“I’m pretty impressed with the product. It easily delivers a better yield and for us gives a better shelf-life [...] overall revenue is much higher. On average we are saving between 5% and 7% more beer.”



Head Brewer
Burnt Mill Brewery, UK

Download the Whitepaper here

Ready to Rethink Dry-Hopping?

Dry-hopped beers and efficient, profitable brewing are no longer mutually exclusive. Read our practical guide to introducing SPECTRUM into your brewery, including real world examples from our trial partners.