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United States

BRU-1™ is notable for its distinct sweet fruit aroma that is often described as pineapple. When used as a whirlpool or dry hop addition, BRU-1™ delivers the aroma of freshly cut pineapple and green fruits. BRU-1™ is synergistic with other hops creating a depth of fruit flavor.

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Typical Aroma Profile


This hop variety is dominated by sweet fruit flavors like pineapple and mango. It is also strong in green fruit flavors with intensive grape and quince aspects. In addition to this also grapefruit, floral and fresh herbal characters come into play. 

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United States
13 - 15 %
8 - 10 %
1.5 - 2 ml/100g

*Alpha acids are determined by conductometric titration (EBC 7.4) in Europe, by spectrophotometry (ASBC Hops-6) in the USA. Oil composition is determined by gas chromatography (ASBC Hops-17, EBC 7.12).

All values represent the medium range of the last 4 years. Be aware that specifically the alpha and oil values can vary in a broad range depending on the relevant crop year.


BRU-1 was developed through open pollination at Brulotte Farms in Toppenish, WA.

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