Shareholders & Board of Directors

Newly established in October 2021, our voluntary Board of Directors acts as a supervisory and control body and accompanies BarthHaas in an advisory capacity. The Board currently consists of our shareholders Stephan and Alexander Barth, as well as Prof. Dr. Mirja Steinkamp and Dr. Philipp Ramin.

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Shareholder, Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2021

Stephan Barth

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Shareholder, Member of the Board of Directors since 2021

Alexander Barth

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Regine Barth

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Vice Chairwoman of the Board of Directors since 2021

Prof. Dr. Mirja Steinkamp

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Member of the Board of Directors since 2021

Dr. Philipp Ramin

Executive Management

For the first time in the company's more than 225-year history, two non-family managers are in charge of BarthHaas. The proven dual leadership has remained unchanged: Peter Hintermeier and Oliver Bergner lead the fortunes of our company as experienced and trusted managers. This team of experts will now be expanded: Thomas Raiser, also a long-time manager at BarthHaas, will work closely with Hintermeier and Bergner and then succeed Hintermeier.

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Peter Hintermeier

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Oliver Bergner

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Thomas Raiser

Our future needs excellent ingredients

Change is a law of nature. BarthHaas sees it as an opportunity. We actively seek out the challenges of the future. We shape the global trend for unique flavor experiences by harnessing the full potential of the natural resources to help our partners succeed.


Our Mission