BarthHaas Report 2021/2022

With the key data on hop cultivation area, hop harvest quantity, alpha acid production and beer output, the BarthHaas Report has been providing the most important key figures on the global hop market for 120 years.

Global hop acreage increased for the eighth year in a row in 2021. The crop was seven percent above the 2020 result, making it a good average crop. This is according to the BarthHaas Hops 2021/2022 report, which the world's leading hop specialist presented at an online press conference on July 25.

The international beer market also saw an upward trend last year. It grew by four percent, but did not yet return to the level seen before the start of the pandemic. Depending on the different national Corona regulations, beer output in the various countries developed more or less positively.

More information is available in the press releases, which can be downloaded here with graphics and photos.

About the BarthHaas report:

With key data on hop acreage, crop volumes, alpha acid production and beer output, the report provides the most important key figures on the world hop market each year. Market developments are covered in greater depth in the country reports on the harvest in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.


Photo credit: BarthHaas

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