BarthHaas Aims to Revolutionize Dry-Hopping with the Roll-Out of SPECTRUM

The next generation liquid hop product

Hop specialist BarthHaas aims to revolutionize dry-hopping with its latest product SPECTRUM. This liquid hop product delivers a full true-to-type, variety specific dry-hop flavor, and also enables both higher brewing yields and high aroma stability. Following a successful release to selected customers in July, Spectrum is now available for all brewers.

SPECTRUM was developed to replace hop cones and pellets in the dry-hopping process. It is 100 percent hops and contains no carriers or synthetic solvents. This innovative product provides unprecedented benefits in that it dissolves completely during fermentation and maturation, leaving the beer free of solid particles that would have to be removed at a later stage. In doing so, SPECTRUM enables you to avoid the beer losses associated with dry-hopping. By using SPECTRUM, even larger breweries will be able to brew dry-hopped beers more efficiently while retaining full, high quality and consistent dry-hop flavor.

“With SPECTRUM we have something truly revolutionary to offer”, says Dr. Jocelyn Tillner, Head of Research and Development at BarthHaas. "SPECTRUM is a next-generation hop product, and we are sure that it will come to feature prominently in every brewer’s toolbox.“

SPECTRUM has already proved itself in practice, having undergone a whole series of trial runs in the global market prior to its full introduction to European breweries. Sophie de Ronde, Head Brewer at Burnt Mill Brewery in the UK, says "I’m pretty impressed with the product. It easily delivers a better yield and for us gives a better shelf-life [...] overall revenue is much higher. On average we are saving between 5% and 7% more beer.“

Last but not least, SPECTRUM is more efficient and sustainable when compared to hop pellets: In terms of dosage, one kilo of this liquid hop product is equivalent to five to eight kilos of pellets. This not only significantly cuts storage and transportation costs, but also reduces the production of waste and effluent in the brewery.

In order to produce SPECTRUM, BarthHaas developed its own production process, leveraging its expertise as a hop specialist and innovator. Having installed a new facility to expand production capacity, BarthHaas is now able to offer SPECTRUM at scale to the European market. The varieties initially available as SPECTRUM are Citra® HBC 394 c.v. and Mosaic® HBC 369 c.v. Further variants are already in the pipeline.

To provide customers with comprehensive information on this hop innovation, BarthHaas has created a whitepaper and videos on the characteristics and use of SPECTRUM. Those interested can find details by visiting the SPECTRUM website.




Please note the photo credit: BarthHaas

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