1794- 1872

From a door-to-door business to exporting produce overseas

In 1794, Georg Barth starts delivering hops to small breweries in and around Nuremberg with a horse and cart. By the time his sons take over, the business is supplying 400 breweries. In 1868, the company dispatches its first shipment to New York.

1873 - 1913

Nuremberg - The center of the hop trade

The Nuremberg Hop Market is the global marketplace for "green gold". The Barth company excels thanks to its pioneering preservation techniques and modern sector marketing.

1914 - 1949

Dark days bring massive challenges

Two world wars and the aftermath pose a serious threat to the business. Heavy bombing in 1944 and 1945 costs the lives of many employees; all of the offices and warehouses are destroyed.

1950 - 1976

Structural change and globalization of the hop economy

A new generation of owners successfully navigates the process of change in the international hop business. Mergers, acquisitions and the foundation of new businesses are the result.

1977 - 1990

Discovering new markets

In 1977. Joh. Barth & Sohn acquires the John I Haas company from Yakima (USA), laying the foundation for the BarthHaas Group. The purchase of large growing areas in Australia completes the portfolio.

1991 - 2005

The bottom drops out of the hop business

Technical developments and new trends in brewing lead to a crash in prices on the hop market. Despite the crisis, in 1988 the company sends out a clear signal for the future of the business with the establishment of a new research brewery in St. Johann.

Since 2006

A new era emerges

Hops make a comeback. With new services and targeted investments in hop and brewing research, BarthHaas expands its position as market leader.


Flavor experts for the best beers around the world

The BarthHaas Tasting Guide sets the benchmark for classification of flavor. And in the BarthHaas Campus, the company creates a unique center for flavor and aroma – one of a kind in the world.