BarthHaas at Drinktec 2022

At Drinktec, BarthHaas, the world’s leading provider of hop-related services, will be focusing on the latest brewing trends, passionate craftsmanship, and innovative hop products. Among other things, this year in Munich BarthHaas will be showcasing “Kettle Redi” and “HopHaze”, two innovative hop products currently being launched worldwide.

Mellow bitterness and light stability
The innovative new product Kettle Redi is 100% hop-based and ensures light stability in beer. Kettle Redi is added during the boil and is particularly easy to dose. It imparts a mellow bitterness and hop aroma to the beer. In addition, it provides microbiological protection during the brewing process. “Kettle Redi offers outstanding protection against exposure to light, guarantees better yields during the brewing process, and is very easy to use“, explains Thomas Raiser, Head of Sales and a member of the BarthHaas management team. “Due to its standardized high alpha acid concentration in a light- stable molecule, Kettle Redi imparts the desired light stability and bitterness to all traditional beer styles”, Raiser adds.

Stable haze in naturally hazy beers
The second BarthHaas innovation has been on the market since July under the name of HopHaze. This exclusively hop-derived product maintains haze stability in beers and is added directly in the secondary fermentation. HopHaze has no effect on beer flavor and does not require mixing before being added. “One of the greatest challenges when brewing naturally hazy beer styles is to achieve stable haze that does not settle out with time. With HopHaze we can now offer a simple solution for haze stability“, explains Thomas Raiser.

New beverage concepts with hops
In addition to the two new products, a further highlight at the BarthHaas booth is the Inspiration Range, a line of beverages through which the hop specialist informs brewers and beverage makers about the latest trends and hopes to inspire them to create new beverages of their own. “We want to show that hops are not only important as a flavoring ingredient in beer, but that they can also play a significant role when it comes to new beverage concepts” says Dr. Christina Schönberger, Head of the Brewing Solutions Team at BarthHaas.

This year in Munich the team are focusing on concepts beyond beer and presenting four non-alcoholic beverages containing hops. Hop water, a low-calorie, carbonated soft drink with hop aroma, picks up on a current trend in the USA. Among other ingredients in this drink, BarthHaas uses its innovative hop product Spectrum. Its flavors go well with the natural botanicals sourced from herb specialist MartinBauer. The second innovative concept that BarthHaas is bringing along to the trade show is its new hop tonic water. Unlike in traditional tonic water, the pleasant bitterness and interesting flavors are provided by hops instead of quinine. Another of the Brewing Solutions team’s creations is their kombucha, which features fruity and grassy aromas. The hop products used in the flavoring of this fermented tea drink are Lupomax Callista and Lupomax Hüll Melon.

Due to the growing demand for non-alcoholic beer, this category is equally indispensable in the Inspiration Range. The flavoring ingredients here are the BarthHaas hop products Spectrum, Incognito, and Lupomax. The added botanicals mate and ginseng from MartinBauer make this drink an invigorating pick-me-up. The Brewing Solutions team will be presenting the Inspiration Range in tutored tastings throughout Drinktec.


Photo Credit: BarthHaas

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