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Our Vision

Your partner for

natural flavor sensations.

Our Mission

We combine inspiring advice with the best solutions for the success of our customers and suppliers.

Vision & Purpose Statement

Hops are our world and our passion. We see it as our obligation to treat nature with care. This is how we make our contribution to leaving a world worth living in for future generations.​

Building on a centuries-old tradition and experience, we go above and beyond hops and thus shape the future of our company. With the industry’s greatest talents, we explore and harness the diversity of natural flavors. We transform sustainably produced raw materials into unique taste experiences. Through inspiring advice and creative solutions, we make our partners successful.​

Unwavering trust in our abilities gives all employees the freedom for independent decisions.​

Our Values

We use our

We act

We shape
our change in a
solution-oriented way.

We live
our values