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Hop Water

Inspiration Range @ drinktec 2022

Drinking preferences are changing. Nowadays, people are more conscious of their food and beverage purchasing decisions, and many prefer non-alcoholic options and low sugar contents among other things. Due to this changing behavior, we have seen new trends in the beverage industry in recent years, such as hard seltzer or kombucha, which offer a reduction of calories, reduced alcohol content, are functional or a healthier option. Another beverage that is gaining popularity recently is hop water.

But what is hop water?

Hop water is carbonated water infused with hops. The hops used can be kilned or pelleted hops, as well as any hop extract that imparts aroma and or bitterness to the water. Normally, the final product is a non-alcohol, gluten-free and zero-calorie sparkling beverage.

However, you can add more than hops to the water to get a more complex aroma. A good option could be fruit extract and plant infusions. Commercially available there is also hop water with a tiny amount of yeast that produces some alcohol in the final water and changes the sensory profile.

This year, we will be presenting a Hop Water as a collaboration with botanical expert MartinBauer in our Inspiration Range at drinktec. Our Hop Water has been brewed with SPECTRUM CITRA®, our liquid dry hopping product, PHA® TopNote Cascade and Willamette as well as an infusion of chamomile, stevia for sweetness and green tea.

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