Live Brewing At The BarthHaas Brewery

Dive into the world of flavour design with the team of the BarthHaas Concept Brewery and be inspired.

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Campus Art: Brewing With BarthHaas

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Three times a year, we turn to a specific flavor focus around which we create a beer recipe - from non-alcoholic to strong beer, from straw yellow to deep brown.
Interested participants can also sign up for "CampusArt Hopsessed Tasting" to taste the beers in July.

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Online Seminar

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Course Content

Sharing Knowledge


- HOPSESSED - The Language of Hops

- Style guide - commercial examples

- Beer recipe and brewing process with flavor focus


alt text

Head of Innovation and Education

Dr. Christina Schönberger

alt text

Marketing and Content Management Hops Academy

Sylvia Kopp

alt text

Head of Concept Brewery

Marius Hartmann

Good To Know

Questions can also be asked in German at any time.
All course material is available in German on request.

After the conclusion of the 3-part series "CampusArt Brewing", the CampusArt HOPSESSED Tasting will take place at the beginning of July with the three Flavor Focus beers and other novelties from the BarthHaas Concept Brewery.

Upcoming Events

There are currently no events available for this course.

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