New Knowledge For Sustainable Success

Hop experts need to undertake continuous professional development to keep up with the latest in agriculture, running a business, legal aspects, sustainability and brewing trends. Learn more about our custom workshops!


It's All About Hops

We are keen to explore the exciting hop culture, from A to Z.

- All about the hop
- Growing and harvest
- Hop processing
- Handling and storing hops
- Hop breeding
- Hop selection
- The chemistry of hops
- Characterizing hop varieties

Hops In Brewing

Most Important Detail in Brewing

Learn why hops are the most important detail in brewing, and how bitterness and hop oils affect flavor and aroma.

- Traditional and modern hopping
- The chemistry of hops in brewing
- Cold hopping

- Hops and hop products
- Using hops to prevent foam production in the brew house and during fermentation
- Observing yield in the brewing process
- Usin hops and hop products for alcohol-free and reduced alcohol beers
- New hop products

Quality Management

Continous Quality and Safety

Anyone hoping to be a successful hops farmer has to ensure the continuous quality and safety of their raw materials

- Quality management requirements for the EU hops industry
- Quality management requirements for the US hops industry
- International legislation
- Maintaining quality during hop processing
- Contaminants in hops - a critical view


Analysing Hops And Hop Products

We take a microscope to these wonderful climbing plants and learn how to analyze hops and hop products

- BarthHaas - product-specific analyses
- Recognized collections of methods for hops
- Specific analyses of relevant hops substances in beer

Commercial Hop Aspects

Understanding The Detail

The hops market is a niche market, so it is even more important to understand in detail the intricacies of hops production, hops growing zones and the structure of the hops industry

- Hops supply chain
- Demand for hops
- Variables influencing the price of hops
- Costs of hops in beer
- Hops buying strategies


Benefit For All

As a traditional craft, hop farming is intrinsically linked to sustainability, fairness and social responsibility, connecting to benefit for all

- Sustainablity in hops production
- Sustainablity in product safety
- Social sustainablity
- Fair relationships between brewers and suppliers

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