Hop Flavorist Course


Hop Flavorist Course

Level 3 The Sniffer

The aroma of unique, characteristically flavored beers is predominantly produced and adjusted in the brewing process. Train your sensory skills so that we can help youidentify your personal tasting profile at the end of the course.

If you successfully pass the Level 3 course you are qualified for our BarthHaas Expert Panel! We will invite you to sample and evaluate freshly harvested hop samples comprising 40 different varieties!


2-Day-Seminar | 850 € per person incl. VAT

„I was very impressed by the clear execution of the course. A great concept!"

Sniffing out the aroma:

Theory: Hops and brewing – how aroma substances are produced and altered

Hop products and their effect on the flavor/aroma of beer

Training: Identifying individual aromas

Training: Recall already recognized hop varieties in pellet form and in beer

Personal taster profile:

Sensory test: Identifying aromas

Exercise: Identify and categorize hop varieties in the form of umbels/pellets and in beer 

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