Our Future will be full of new challenges

The world is changing, and so is our industry.

Rising costs, a changing climate, global instability and changing customer behaviour are demanding change from us all and will continue to do so in the future. We are finding new ways to bring hops, brewing and hop flavor into the new world, to help you face these changes head-on and make the most of the opportunities they offer.

We have the products, innovations, advice, and expertise to help you protect your business.

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Thriving Together in an ever-changing world | BarthHaas

Facing Challenges

How Do We Thrive Together?

At BarthHaas we know there are a number of different areas where we can stand alongside you to face future challenges. By understanding these challenges, by having open conversations about them, and by creating innovative solutions together, we can help make your business stronger and more successful.


With rising costs we all need to work more efficiently. Our Liquid Hops Range can help you do just that.

Risk Mitigation

Understanding the possible effects of challenges such as climate change on our industry, is key to protecting all our futures.


The ability to adapt to changing customer needs is important for your business. We can help you make the most of the opportunities.


Rising Costs Need Efficiency

How can you offer great value and remain profitable when costs are rising? Find out more about how the next generation of liquid hop products offer efficiency and consistency improvements throughout the brewing process.

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Hop's Future

Global Crisis Call For Reliability

How do you ensure stable supply that protects your business to ensure you thrive in the future? At BarthHaas, we have set ourselves a mission to help facilitate change on all sides of the industry.


Is Your Flavor Future Proof?

Find out the individual risk factors you may face in the future, and learn how to avoid them with our Risk Mitigation Whitepaper.

Test Your Individual Risk

Brewing Different

Changing Customer Demands Need Innovation

How can you deliver more of what your customers want to create new revenue? In Europe, as well as many other areas of the world, we are seeing consumers becoming more health conscious and discerning.


Innovation For New Customer Needs

The rise of non-alcoholic beers continues and the interest in other non-beer options is also rising. As experts in natural flavor, we have a role to play in helping brewers to make the most of this opportunity. Wherever we can help a business diversify their offering to deliver what their customers need, we know that we can help that business to generate revenue.

Have a look at our Inspiration Range and get inspired.

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We Can Help You Diversify

Our support for customers includes:

• A world leading brewing solutions team that can show you how hop flavor can be fully utilized in a range of different beverages.
• A range of innovative beverages and recipes that we create to inspire your new product and recipe development.
• A broad and adaptable range of next generation liquid products that enables you to develop new recipes quickly and efficiently.

Find out more about how we can work together to create new and innovative sources of revenue for your business, that your customers will love.

Have a look at our Inspiration Range and get inspired.

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Get Ready For Tomorrow

Join Us On Our Mission To Thrive Together

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