BarthHaas Grants 2020

Researchers in Munich and Berlin receive awards

Are there ways to facilitate the product development of new, hop-intensive beers? How can dry hopping be optimized without causing undesirable changes in the hop aroma or flavor of the beer? Work on these two topics has now been awarded the BarthHaas Grants 2020. 10,000 each will go to researchers at the Versuchs- und Lehranstalt für Brauerei in Berlin (VLB) and – together with the company BANKE process solutions – at the Weihenstephan Research Center.

At the virtual award ceremony, Stephan Barth, managing partner of BarthHaas, together with Thomas Raiser, head of sales at BarthHaas, expressed great satisfaction with the results of the BarthHaas Grants so far: "Since 2007, we have been awarding grants annually to trend-setting research projects on hops – and the results have always been fascinating."

In the case of the award winner Dr. Nils Rettberg from the Research Institute for Beer and Beverage Analysis (FIBGA) at VLB, the focus is on combining sensory analysis with chromatographic analysis. The substances that are decisive for certain areas of sensory analysis are being investigated.

The other award winners are conducting research at the Weihenstephan Research Center. Under the direction of Dr. Martin Zarnkow and Prof. Fritz Jacob, a newly developed and optimized cold hopping process is being compared with a conventional dynamic cold hopping process. The focus is on sensor technology and analytically determined leading components.