BarthHaas offers a work experience day in Hallertau

Hop Harvest Tour

Nuremberg, June 29, 2023. The new seminar “Hop Harvest Day” that the BarthHaas Hops Academy is offering for the first time on Wednesday, September 13 promises exclusive insights into the work of a hop farmer.

As visitors to Stanglmair’s hop farm in the heart of the Hallertau hop-growing region, participants will gain hands-on experience and acquire first-hand knowledge about this fascinating plant and beer ingredient. 
The seminar includes information about the current crop year and about traditional and new hop varieties and their typical characteristics. Another part of the seminar focuses on the problems caused by pests and diseases and on how to identify and combat them. In practical training sessions, instructors Stefan Stanglmair and Markus Ernst will teach the participants how professionals conduct sensory evaluation and quality grading of hops.

Stefan Stanglmair has been with BarthHaas since 1998, working in purchasing and advising hop growers on production-related topics such as crop protection, fertilization, and irrigation. Having studied agricultural economics and systems engineering, he has acquired a profound knowledge of his field through many years of intensive dialogue with other hop growers and personal experience of running his own farm in his spare time.

Markus Ernst from the BarthHaas Brewing Solutions team is an expert in sensory evaluation of beverages. He studied brewing and beverage technology and went on to acquire a Master of Engineering degree in food quality focusing on product development. In addition, he is a professionally qualified water, tea, and beer sommelier.
The course will be held in German, but questions can also be asked in English. The training material is also available in English on request. The course is now open for registrations at

The web page also contains further information on all BarthHaas Hops Academy events.

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About BarthHaas 
BarthHaas is one of the world’s leading suppliers of hop products and hop-related services. The family-owned company specialises in the creative and efficient use of hops and hop products. As visionaries, instigators and implementers of ideas, BarthHaas has been shaping the market surrounding a unique raw material for over 225 years. 


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