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10,000 euros twice over for groundbreaking hop research

Closing date for BarthHaas Grant applications is July 31, 2024

Nuremberg, March 18 2024. BarthHaas is again offering BarthHaas Grants in 2024 to support two promising new research projects with funding amounting to 10,000 euros per project. The grants will be awarded for project ideas in the fields of brewing science and hops. Young researchers can apply to the world’s leading hop services provider until July 31.

The application must be in English. It must be no more than two A4 pages long and contain the title and the problem to be researched, as well as the current scientific knowledge, the significance of the research for the hop industry, and an outline of the solution path. The grants will be awarded for project ideas. Research projects that have already been completed are not eligible. Applications should be sent by email to Dr. Christina Schönberger, Head of BarthHaas Campus, at christina.schoenberger@barthhaas.com. The applications submitted will be judged by the BarthHaas Scientific Committee.

Since 2007, the annually awarded BarthHaas Grants have supported groundbreaking scientific projects at universities and research institutes. In many cases they have served as seed capital: Many successful projects attracted wide attention and could then be continued with public funding.

BarthHaas hopes by means of the grants to arouse enthusiasm for hops, support research concepts and, last but not least, establish and intensify contacts with promising young research scientists. A lot has happened in hop research in recent years due in part to the development of the global craft beer movement. In aroma research, for example, the projects sponsored by BarthHaas have led to completely new discoveries. By awarding these grants, hop specialist BarthHaas has provided an important stimulus to science again and again.

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