Relaunch Hop Flavorist Course

Flavor competence at first hand: The Hop Flavorist Course of the BarthHaas HOPS ACADEMY is unique worldwide. In no other course do participants dive so deeply into the language of hops. They learn to recognize and describe hop aromas and hop varieties. Indispensable for all those who want to fully exploit the enjoyment potential of hops.

Now the Hop Flavorist Course has been rolled out! All Hop Flavorist levels up to the Hop Flavorist Master can now be completed within one year. The BarthHaas HOPS ACADEMY has restructured and made the 5 courses around hop sensor technology, brewing and cultivation more flexible. The dates for the next season are fixed, the courses Hop Flavorist 1 to 5 can be booked now. 

The special offer: If you book the entire master package with all 5 courses, the fee for the Hop Flavorist 5 is quasi refunded. From now on, individual bookings are also possible, and more flexible than ever: Hop Flavorist 2, 3 and 4 can be booked by interested parties according to their preferences. So here the level binding has been abolished. 

However, to ensure that all participants are well prepared, the prerequisite for courses 2, 3 and 4 is the successful participation in the basic introductory course Hop Flavorist 1, which will take place in April 2021. 

For the grand finale "Hop Flavorist Master", participation in Hop Flavorist 1 to 4 is a prerequisite. The Hop Flavorist Master will take place in January 2022. The language of instruction in all courses is English.