ARD meteorologist Karsten Schwanke speaks about climate change at the Hops Academy

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Heat, drought, torrential rain: Climate change and its impact cause extra work for many people, including hop farmers. To address this, the BarthHaas Hops Academy organised an information evening on “Climate Change – Consequences for Agriculture” at the German Hops Museum in Wolnzach.

The speaker was none other than TV weather and science presenter, meteorologist Karsten Schwanke from the ARD network. Schwanke entertained and educated his audience as he brought to life the complicated interplay of factors that combine to shape the long-term effects of climate change and weather events that we are experiencing today.

What does this mean for the Hallertau region? With increasingly hotter summers we can no longer be satisfied with breeding and cultivating heat-resistant hop varieties. We also have to ensure sufficient irrigation.

It is a topic that concerns the hops industry, as the attendance of more than 180 guests and their eager participation in the subsequent Q&A revealed.

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