BarthHaas releases KETTLE REDI®

BarthHaas announces the global release of their newest innovative product, Kettle Redi®. This product provides light stability, smooth bittering, and hop aroma characteristics to beer while offering microbiological protection during the brewing process.

Kettle Redi is an easy-to-use 100% hop-derived product with no special dosing requirements. The absence of vegetative matter reduces wort losses and increases brewing yields. In addition, due to its standardized high alpha acid concentration in a light-stable molecule, Kettle Redi gives the light stability and bitterness characteristics desired for all traditional beers.


Kettle Redi helps us to achieve consistently great results in our beer. It’s extremely easy to use, easy to dose, and provides excellent protection against light-struck flavor,” noted Lincoln Jhones Rodrigues, Head Brewer for Cervejaria Bamboa in Campo Grande, Brazil. “Because of its unique formulation, Kettle Redi provides us with efficiencies that result in better yields during the brewing process. I'm very happy that we have this product.


Kettle Redi is available worldwide through BarthHaas, John I. Haas, and their network of distributors on June 30, 2022. Learn more about Kettle Redi contact your BarthHaas sales representative.


Fotocredit: BarthHaas

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