BarthHaas and Gesellschaftsbrauerei Viechtach Continue Partnership

Gesellschaftsbrauerei Viechtach from the Bavarian Forest and international hop services provider BarthHaas continue their innovative partner program with their new specialty beer “Wilder Wald”.

BarthHaas and Gesellschaftsbrauerei Viechtach first joined forces in the spring of 2021 to create a specialty beer with the name of “Frühlingsgenuss” [meaning springtime treat] which became a talking point in the industry not only on account of its outstanding quality: This was the first time that BarthHaas was named on the label as the supplier of the hops and thus the guarantor of the particularly high quality of that raw material. Now the two are taking their collaboration a step further. In April 2022 they are launching a second specialty beer aptly named “Wilder Wald” [wild forest] whose recipe they developed jointly. This craft-brewed, naturally cloudy beer combines subtle wild-berry and wood notes with delicate roasted aromas.


Forest character thanks to special hop varieties and long cold aging

Selected aroma hops give the beer its forest-like character. Of the hop varieties used, Perle, Hallertau Tradition and Spalt Select provide herbal and floral notes, while Australian Galaxy hops add berry aromas. These are joined by Relax with its woody notes and Saaz with its floral and grassy aromas. The innovative hop product Provoak gives the beer a delicate, well-rounded wood aroma.

The traditional brewing methods of open fermentation and long cold aging in the Viechtach storage cellar intensify the extraordinary flavor, because with the particularly gentle method of cold aging, mainly the aroma components and hardly any of the bitter compounds are released into the beer from the hops. “We do everything we can to preserve the values of the traditional craft of brewing. First and foremost, we always focus on quality. Open fermentation and the purest ingredients make for a special quality of enjoyment” says Markus Grüßer, the brewery owner. Apart from the finest raw materials, he adds, the most important “ingredient” in brewing is time. “A long period of cold storage and aging is key to the high quality and unique flavor of our specialty beers”, says Grüßer.


Partner program for future viability

The beer was developed within the framework of the partner program that BarthHaas has initiated in order to help traditional breweries to stay fit for the future. “Working with the breweries involved, we want to create a framework built on partnership and trust within which we can share valuable insights into all aspects of the brewing industry and focus attention on the tools required for sustainable business management“, says Thomas Raiser, a member of the BarthHaas management team. “In our partner program we promise to learn with and from each other, to create new ideas, and to let visions become reality”, says Raiser.


“Wilder Wald” wins gold

The new specialty beer “Wilder Wald” was recently awarded a gold medal at the prestigious tasting competition “Meininger’s International Craft Beer Award”. This outstanding award marks an early culmination in the innovative partner program.

Anyone wishing to sample “Wilder Wald” can now buy this specialty beer directly from the brewery or from retailers. The beer has an alcohol content of 5.3% ABV and is available in crates of 20 half-liter bottles at and at many outlets of Flaschenpost, Getränke Hoffmann and Edeka. The other specialty beer “Frühlingsgenuss” is also available again. Its freshness and the subtle citrus notes imparted by Cascade and Citra hops make it a perfect accompaniment to asparagus.

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