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Create Hop Aroma with the Cleanest of Clean Labelling

Is hop aroma a top priority in your beers? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Hop aroma is an elusive quality, it is difficult to control and master and the main reason is because hops are a natural product and brewing is an artisanal and scientific process.

Many brewers create hop aroma using hop oil products such as PHA®s. These products are perfect for adding a stable and consistent hop character. As they are oils, they need a carrier to ensure they are soluble in beer, and this is where you as a brewer need the choice that works best for you.

Until now the only choice for PHA® and all other hop oil products have been carriers such as propylene glycol or ethanol. These are great, safe solutions for some brewers. There is now however a new technology that means you have the option of using water instead of these carriers for PHA® hop oils. For breweries that choose not to use propylene glycol or ethanol, this opens up a whole range of new hop aroma solutions. This new state-of-the-art innovation means we have been able to completely remove the carrier from our PHA®s. In other words, PHA® water-based are only hop extract and water. The rest is the same.

PHA®s come in a diverse range of aromas and varieties. We have PHA®s from single hop oil fractions (PHA®s Classics) and we have PHA®s that come from one single hop variety (PHA® Topnotes). These products are 100% hop derived extracts. They are 100% soluble into cold beer or wort. PHA®s are easy to dose and can help you streamline the flavor options and even differentiate your beers at the filter. With PHA®s you can achieve a controlled aroma in your final beer by adding an extremely efficient product. As they are completely liquid (no vegetative matter), you will have zero beer loses which in turn increases your efficiency. And all of that at a lower cost compared to traditional hop products.

With our new water based PHA®s, not only will you add 100% natural products but also will have a true clean label. As there is no carrier, there are no limits using the product even in alcohol-free beers, so you can boost your hop aroma as much as you want. And, of course you can combine them as much as you like.

Our qualified technical team is on hand and ready to answer any questions you have about PHA®s and how you can integrate it into your recipes. Just get in touch: brewingsolution@barthhaas.de

PHA® Water-based, 100% natural, 100% hop aroma for your 100% amazing beer.

An article by

Technical Manager Brewing Solutions

Dr. Alicia Munoz

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