The Industry Report of the Year

From changes in hop acreage and harvest volume, detailed key figures on alpha acid production to worldwide beer output – the BarthHaas report is the industry report of the year.

Substantial Decline in Hop Harvest and Alpha Acid Yields Despite Stable Cultivation Area

Key Data of the World Market


Check out the BarthHaas Report for more in-depth figures and information on last year's harvest balance, as well as the current situation in the global economy and exclusive statistics, such as the top 40 breweries worldwide.

In addition, you will gain insights into country reports of the most significant hop-growing nations.


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Marginal Decline in Hop Acreage

Hop Acreage

Hop Area under Cultivation

After eight years of continuous expansion, hop acreage declined in crop year 2022 for the first time since 2014. The decline was very minor, however, amounting to only 96 ha, or 0.2 % of total acreage. The total planted hop acreage worldwide was 62,802 ha.

Hop acreage in Germany decreased by slightly less than 16 ha in crop year 2022 and thus remained virtually unchanged. In the USA, the continuous expansion of the past 10 years went into reverse, leaving total planted area at 24,750 ha in crop year 2022. US hop acreage exceeds Germany’s by nearly 4,200 ha.

Get more background information on hop acreage, TOP 5 varieties in each country and projected acreage change in 2023.


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Hop Production

Harvest Yield

The crop volume harvested on that acreage was 106,584 mt. This was 19 % down year on year.

Average yield was 1.87 mt/ha in the USA, but only 1.67 mt/ha in Germany. The effects of climate change are becoming apparent.


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Hop Alpha Production

Hop Alpha Production

The combination of very low crop volume and at best average alpha content resulted in an alpha volume that was far below any seen in previous years. The volume of alpha acid harvested was 10,835 mt, a year-on-year drop of approx. 3,300 mt.

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Overall Rising Beer Production

Beer Production

World Beer Production

In 2022, world beer production rose by 25m hl to 1.89bn hl, representing growth of 1.3 %. The five leading beer-producing countries, China, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, and Germany, saw their share of world beer production fall slightly to 49 %.

In the European Union, Spain and Germany in particular achieved significant growth. The sharp drop in production reported for the remainder of the countries in Europe is primarily due to the fall in output in Ukraine. In Europe as a whole, beer production increased by 3m hl.

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The Industry Report of the Year

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