HopAid® Antifoam

HopAid® Antifoam

Are you looking for a way to prevent excessive foam formation during fermentation? HopAid® Antifoam is a natural, hop-based antifoam agent.

The suspension is suitable for use in top or bottom-fermented beers in all types of fermentation tanks. HopAid® Antifoam is proven to help reduce headspace requirements, increasing your fermentation capacity. It has no impact on the final beer’s foam retention properties.


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HopAid® Antifoam | BarthHaas


More Capacity.
Cleaner Brewing.

HopAid® Antifoam is not like other Antifoam agents: It is the world’s only hop-based product that inhibits foaming during fermentation, offers the brewer unique benefits and great value for money to you and your customers.

Increases Profits

By inhibiting foaming during main fermentation, you get a increased use of your tank capacity.

Safe for all

Is food safe in USA and EU, silicate free, clean label product, extracted from hops.

Protects Beer Quality

Reduces microbiological contamination risk and helps to reduce IBU and protein losses.


Makes CIP and tank farm cleaning considerably easier. Saves you time and money.


Composition: Suspension of hop extract, food grade emulsifier and water

Delivery: Bag-in-box with 2.25 kg or 10k

Usage: Add to the cooled wort when filling the fermentation tank

Shelf life: 18 months (with proper storage)

Ready to start brewing with

HopAid® Antifoam

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