The name has changed – the passion for hops remains

Press release:
The name has changed – the passion for hops remains From Joh. Barth & Sohn to BarthHaas

Nuremberg, 17 October 2019. “Since our company’s foundation in 1794, we have gone from trading hops to providing a full range of hop-related services. We are now the flavour experts for the best beers in the world.” With these words, Stephan Barth, one of the three managing partners of Joh. Barth & Sohn, sums up the development of their family company over the past 225 years. “Our jobs have changed; new companies have been added; but the name of Joh. Barth & Sohn has remained unchanged. Now, we have decided as of November 2019 to continue underthe new name of BarthHaas.” (Barth) The company’s passion for hops, he says, remains the same – all that is changing is the name. “We are thus creating a new, unified umbrella brand for our companies in Europe and Asia, allowing us to act as one in our dealings with customers, suppliers, potential new employees and the rest of the hop industry.” (Barth) The companies previously known as Barth-Haas UK, Barth-Haas Beijing and Barth-Haas Hong Kong, as well as Simply Hops, Barth Innovations! and the Barth-Haas Hops Academy will in future operate under the new BarthHaas brand. Barth adds that there is another reason: for a long time now, the suffix “& Sohn” has failed to reflect the company reality and will do so even less in the future, as there are very many daughters growing up in the owners’ families who are set to be involved in the company just as much as their male relatives. The three partners, Alexander, Regine and Stephan Barth,share the following conviction: “The new identity of BarthHaas® will give the company, the employees and all the stakeholders orientation that will make BarthHaas® fit for the future and will endure for a long time.”