A Guide to Great Flavor

Get in-depth sensory analysis of major hop flavor profiles that help you really know the impact of the 2023 harvest on your flavors. With great advise for managing flavor profile variance for brewers, the Hop Harvest Guide might be the most important reference work for anyone professionally involved in hops and hop flavor. Produced by some of the world’s leading experts on hops, It helps you to master the infinite complexity of these amazing natural products.


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Hop data at a glance:

35 selected hop varieties from the 2023 harvest

In-depth sensory analysis

Variety-typical aroma characteristics

Expert advice on sensory analysis

93 pages of inspiration

Practical advice for brewers

Meaningful Flavor profiles

Get to know the 2023 harvest year!


We believe that hop aroma cannot be reduced to just a few characteristic values. That's why we have analyzed the flavor components of the hop oil of selected varieties and created comprehensive sensory flavor profiles – for your best stories of flavor.

Hopsessed®: The language of Hops

The right flavor at a glance

With our unique rose chart illustrations, you can quickly and easily orient yourself in the flavor profiles of the 2023 harvest year.

Hopsessed®: Aroma categories

BarthHaas gives hops a voice - and makes your beer expressive

12 aroma categories and over 100 descriptors represent the diverse aroma profiles of hops.

Category with precious insigths

"For your brewing"

As a special service, we offer solutions to hop aroma problems this year's variety expression might have for your specific brewing process.

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Find the current Hop Harvest Guide as a PDF here, including all hop data of the last harvest.