Correctly applying the alpha clause for hops
Hop Update September 2022
How Do Hops React To Climate Change?


Alpha clause

Hop Update 2022

Climate Change and Hops

Correctly applying the alpha clause for hops

What is the origin of the alpha clause, how can it be applied and what should be considered during its application?

Hop Update September 2022

Learn more about the 2022 harvest, the aroma of hop varieties and other topics in the September 2022 Hop Update.

How Do Hops React To Climate Change?

Learn more about the effect of climate change on hop harvest and alpha acid content in this blog article.

Good company: bitterness in beers

Drinking beer is better with good company. Beer bitterness as well. That's what German scientists found out in a study they published in 2017 in the…

The Holy Grail of Dry-Hopping

Can we forecast the intensity of hop aroma in dry-hopped beers? For brewers who brew hop-forward beers, the search for such a formula is something…

Focus on stability

If you want to get on top of beer stability, you’d be well advised to pay attention to light stability. The path leads via flavor. Light and flavor…

Highway to Helles

In the beginning there was the Pilsner big bang. It was the first pale beer. It marked the transition of the international beer world from brown to…

Frenchpress-method for examinig hop aroma

The product-portfolio of our barthhaas-hops is enormous. Especially the amount of hop varietys we offer. Often it is hard for customers to fully…

Hops as a Medicinal Plant

The medieval healer and abbess Hildegard von Bingen was not a genuine fan of hops. In her view, hops caused melancholy. It was only their preserving…

Alcohol-free and dry hopping

Some things behave differently under the influence of alcohol. This can be easily observed in adults and, although less frequently, in pets as well.…

Correctly applying the alpha clause for hops

The alpha clause for aroma hops was developed to fairly deal with a difficult crop. What is the origin of the alpha clause, how can it be applied and…

Hop Update September 2022

Hello and welcome to our HopUpdate harvest special this year. We're in the Central Hallertau in Wolnzach with the Pfab family and today I'm joined by…

How Hop Creep is becoming less threatening

Hop creep - the hidden, creeping, and unstoppable additional fermentation during dry hopping that time and again causes unpleasant surprises among…

Hop Creep - What is it and how do I avoid it in the brewery?

"Hop creep", or also the "diastatic power of hops", are terms that have become increasingly important recently because of the rising popularity of New…

Hop Water

Drinking preferences are changing. Nowadays, people are more conscious of their food and beverage purchasing decisions, and many prefer non-alcoholic…

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