The future of hops

Innovation and research

Breaking the boundaries

The experts in our pilot breweries and research centers put their heart and soul into the important groundwork for the innovative development of your brewing or growing operations. We also fund academic research with the same objective, supported through our BarthHaas Grant hops funding. Find out about the future fields of research in which we are exploring new knowledge on your behalf!

Sniffing out the aroma

Our mission is to uncover new ideas and solutions to enrich the range of flavors in your brewing products.

We always start with the fundamental questions of aroma analysis. What triggers flavor perception? What substances are important for the senses? How can you measure hop aromas and how much of the aroma is transferred to the beer? The answers to these questions are incorporated directly into the BarthHaas HOPSESSED® tasting guide, which has created a new industry standard for a sensory language. The intense aromas provided by dry hopping are a further key area of research. Our findings are used to systematically expand the flavor profile of our products.


Optimizing brewing efficiency

We want you to have the simplest and most economical brewing processes.

Our primary concern can be described as industrial convenience. Perfect preparation will allow you to save on time-consuming and costly steps downstream, as well as on storage space. We are working on solutions such as a way of shortening or even completely avoiding the storage-intensive cask maturing processes. Our research into extraction and processing methods is creating a longer-lasting aroma yield, helping to significantly reduce loss in your brewing process.

Valuable expertise for tomorrow’s hops cultivation

As a grower, you will benefit from the basic research we carry out into plant and soil protection, breeding and irrigation.

How do hop plants obtain nutrients? Our “Hops 2030” initiative is a project focusing on efficient use of resources to investigate this question in close cooperation with selected partner growers. With specific research projects, such as investigation of reseeding between rows of hops, we are also looking for ways to meet the serious challenges of climate change for hop cultivation head-on.

Got any questions?

Our team of experts would love to talk and help get your creative juices flowing. Whether you are interested in flavor, brews, the brewing process or how to use our products as efficiently as possible, we will find the answer and make recommendations. Get in touch!


Brewing Solutions Team