Where brewing meets adventure

No idea is too crazy – this is where you can try anything, make it better and then throw it all in the mix. ABREWCALYPSE NOW, our in-house concept brewery located on the BarthHaas Campus, is the world’s most advanced flavor workshop. Our team of brewers combine rich experience of their craft and true passion for hops with the latest brewing techniques. Put us to the test with your ideas!

Product development

We will experiment with you and advise you on any aspect of your process, whether it is about achieving consisten beer flavor or exploring unusual new ideas.

Flavor creations

Searching for revolutionary hop aromas? We will work with you to introduce previously unknown flavor notes to your brews. 

A scientific testing approach

From pioneering processes to investigating harvest fluctuations – join us in our research efforts.

New recipes

The opportunities are basically endless. Let us collaborate specifically on new flavors and marketing concepts.



freshly bottled creativity

The beers that leave our Concept Brewery are the result of a drop of inspiration combined with unique, experimental brewing techniques. We believe such a unique product deserves a very special label: ABREWCALYPSE NOW! Make sure your beer vision obtains the sign of recognition from the ultimate brewing pioneers.