Smell training

They are the pillars for extraordinary flavor combinations, aromatic beers and inspiring creations: our sense of taste and smell. But what happens when we lose them or when they are only available to us to a limited extent?


We take smelling and tasting for granted, but as soon as it vanishes due to Covid 19, a very bad flue or other complications, we realise how it changes our life and how important a well working flavor perception system is. This course will explain have flavor perception works and how you can train it to improve. We will send you samples of different flavour categories in different solutions, so that you see where you stand with your flavor perception. After the course we can supply you will smelling tests so that you can see if you improve with the training. One sample kit to follow up your performance is included in the price. 

Available languages:

  • English
  • German



    89,00 € per person (incl. VAT)

  • How does taste perception work?
  • How can we train it?
  • You will receive samples of different flavor categories

Dr. Christina Schönberger

Head of Innovation and Education Hops and Beer Sensing, Aroma Chemistry, Brewing Sciences

Dr. Schönberger is one of the top sensory experts in the international brewing industry. She did her doctorate on non-volatile flavours in bottom-fermented beers and has written numerous scientific publications and book chapters on hop and beer sensory analysis.

She has worked at BarthHaas since 2005 and, together with Georg Drexler, heads the Brewing Solutions department, which focuses on technical consulting for breweries. Dr. Schönberger was instrumental in the development of Hopsessed, the BarthHaas scheme for sensory analysis of hop aroma. She is also a co-founder of the HopsAcademy, which has been offering seminars for brewers and hop and beer enthusiasts worldwide since 2011. Since 2018, she has also been responsible for the Concept Brewery on the BarthHaas Campus.

Sylvia Kopp

Marketing and Content Management Hops Academy, sensing courses for beer and hops, beer sommelier, communications

Writing, tasting and inspiring - Sylvia Kopp lives her talents with enthusiasm. Since 2007 she has been working as an author, speaker and teacher on the topics of beer sensory analysis and beer style guidance. She is particularly interested in the worldwide change in beer culture. Her book, "Das Craft Bier Buch - Die neue Bierkultur" (Gestalten Verlag, English: "Barley & Hops", Italian: "Luppolo & Malto"), describes the path of beer from a mass product to a delicacy in a poignant and insightful way. Kopp regularly writes reports for Brauwelt, among others. She has been working for BarthHaas as a speaker at the HopsAcademy since 2019.

For a smooth course we recommend the use of Google Chrome.
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