Kettle Hopping Boot Camp

The secrets of Kettle Hopping

3-part Hopinar with the Brewing Solutions Team. Expert input on the tools and techniques for Kettle Hopping!

Kettle Hopping Boot Camp

The Hopinar consists of three parts with different focuses at € 19.99 each. For a full insight into the theory of Kettle Hopping, we recommend booking all three online courses.

Available languages:

  • English



    19,99 € per person (incl. VAT)

  • Part 1 – Chemistry & Technology:
    Do we actually need to boil the wort? What does the history of wort boiling tell us? What are todays objectives of wort boiling? About sustainability: How can we conserve resources but maintain quality?
  • Part 2 – Equipment Theory:
    We take a look at the state of the art! What wort boiling equipment is available in the brewery? Which models are best suited – in terms of hops?
  • Part 3 – Focus on flavor:
    We explore which sensory processes are relevant for flavor. How can bitterness, much of which is formed during wort boiling, be measured, tasted and evaluated, and why is it important?


There are currently no events available for this workshop.

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