Inspiration Range drinktec 2022

Tastings at drinktec 2022

The BarthHaas Inspiration Range unites creativity, the latest brewing trends, passionate craftsmanship and innovative hop products and varieties. All with one goal: To inspire you with the best hop aroma and flavor.

Inspiration Range drinktec 2022

This year, the Brewing Solutions team has set its sights on concepts beyond beer and is presenting four non-alcoholic hop-based beverages at drinktec in Munich:

Hop Water, a low-calorie, carbonated soft drink with hop aroma, picks up on a current trend from the USA. What's special about it? With the help of SPECTRUM, the flavors harmonize with natural botanicals contributed by herb specialist MartinBauer.

As a second innovative concept, we present our Hop Tonic Water. Unlike classic tonic water, instead of quinine, hops provide a pleasant bitterness and interesting flavors. 

Fruity and grassy flavors are brought by the Kombucha we created: The fermented tea drink has also been flavored with hops.

Due to the increasing demand for non-alcoholic beer, this category should not be missing from the Inspiration Range. Our SPECTRUM and Incognito® hop products are responsible for the taste. The additionally added botanicals Mate and Ginseng from MartinBauer make the drink an invigorating pick-me-up.

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