Hop Flavorist Course


Hop Flavorist Course

Level 4 The Clairvoyant

Even small changes in the climate can influence the flavor of hops.

Knowing how this happens allows us to evaluate aroma and train our sensory skills in respect of the growing zones, harvest time and drying method


2-Day-Seminar | 850 € per person incl. VAT.

"I have learned many new techniques, which I will bring into the team and establish."

Flavour: all in the detail

Theory: Growing zones, cultivation methods, climate, weather, soil, harvest time, and their effect on flavor

Training: Describe, differentiate and identify known hop varieties from large and small growing zones

Flavourings at a glance:

Identifying individual aromas

Sensory test: Identifying aromas

Exercise: Identify growing zones/hop varieties

Gage your personal threshold for aroma and bitterness of hops