Hop Flavorist Course


Hop Flavorist Course

Level 2 The Sommelier

The hop flavor is determined by many factors. In level 2 of the Hop Flavorist Course, we shed light on how the different varieties, growing regions and breeding techniques affect hop aroma.


2-Day-Seminar | 850 € per person incl. VAT

„You don't do such intensive tasting training every day – when do you already have so many ingredients at hand?"

Around the hop world and back:

Theory: History of hop breeding and botany

Varietal categories: National varieties, bitter/aroma varieties and how flavor and aroma interact

Identifying individual aromas

Sensory training:

Training: Describe and differentiate the sensations of 6 hop varieties from a range of growing countries

Sensory test: Recognizing aromas

Exercise: Categorizing and identifying hop varieties

Tue 04.05.2021, 09:00 to
Wed 05.05.2021, 16:30

BarthHaas Campus,
Freiligrathstr. 7-9, Nürnberg

Hop Flavorist Course

Level 2
The Sommelier (EN)