Hop Flavorist Course


Hop Flavorist Course

Level 1 The Connoisseur

The task of training your senses starts with an extended warm-up for your sense receptors and your brain. It is not easy to express in words what your senses are telling your brain. Fruits, herbs and other natural aromas give us the building blocks for learning how to work with a range of well-known hop varieties.


2-Day-Seminar | 850 € per person incl. VAT

"The course exceeded my expectations and I had a lot of fun!"

The A-Z of aroma:

HOPSESSED® – The language of hops

Training: Recognize aromas, differentiate and describe 6 categories of hop variety

Theory: Reading and understanding analyses

Ready to use:

Aromas and their properties

The physiology of aroma and flavor perception

Sensory test: Recognizing aromas:

Exercise: Categorizing and identifying hop varieties