Fieldtrip Hallertau


Fieldtrip Hallertau

Experience harvest, cultivation and botanical science

Active field research, condensed knowledge and valuable tasting tools This and more awaits you on our one-and-a-half day harvest expedition through Hallertau, one of the largest hop-growing areas in the world.


1,5 Day Expedition | price on request

The ideal practical follow-on to the Hop Flavorist Course!

Hop expedition:

Excursion to Hallertau: Live field research during the harvest

Theory and science behind growing, harvesting and botanical science from BarthHaas Brewing Solutions Team

First-hand advice direct from hop growers in the field

Practical input:

Overview of the current market for varieties and products

Introduction to using the BarthHaas HOPSESSED® flavor guide

Hop tasting with umbels and various pellet types plus cold extract in beer