Hop Selection


Assess and evaluate hop aroma professionally

Hop Selection

Providing selected tools for hop assessment, practical examples and aroma training, this course gives you all you need to assess hop harvests professionally and create your own hop portfolio.


1-Day-Seminar | 200 € per person incl. VAT

An inspiring insight into the art of hop evaluation!

Develop your nose for hops:

Theory and background to the BarthHaas quality system

Recognizing pests and diseases in the field

Introduction to HOPSESSED® – The language of hops

Professional hop selection:

Assessing hops: Identifying varietal differences between three examples

Assessing hops: Creating an aroma profile based on whole hops and cold extract

Tue 21.01.2020 - Tue 21.01.2020
BarthHaas Campus,Freiligrathstr. 7-9, Nürnberg

Hop Selection

Assess hops and hop Aromas professionally