Hoppy Hard Seltzer

Creation & Flavor

Find out why hops absolutely belong in a Hard Seltzer! Taste our creations from the BarthHaas Concept Brewery in Nuremberg with our Hard Seltzer experts.

Hoppy Hard Seltzer

Find out why hops absolutely belong in a Hard Seltzer!
Taste our creations from the BarthHaas Concept Brewery in Nuremberg with our Hard Seltzer experts.
Afterwards, we will evaluate your results together using our tasting software. Let yourself be surprised by exciting taste creations and have a direct exchange with our experts from the Brewing Solutions Team.

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    39,90 € per person (incl. VAT)

  • Hard Seltzer - what is it? Beverages and tax classification
  • How to brew? Recipes to inspire and try out
  • Sensory analysis of samples with sensory software
  • Evaluation and discussion of the tasting results


You will receive a lovingly packed package with 3 drinks sent to your home. 
In addition, you will receive access to our tasting software during the hopinar, which allows us to document and discuss the tasting results in real time.

Dr. Christina Schönberger

Head of Innovation and Education Hops and Beer Sensing, Aroma Chemistry, Brewing Sciences

Dr. Schönberger is one of the top sensory experts in the international brewing industry. She did her doctorate on non-volatile flavours in bottom-fermented beers and has written numerous scientific publications and book chapters on hop and beer sensory analysis.

She has worked at BarthHaas since 2005 and, together with Georg Drexler, heads the Brewing Solutions department, which focuses on technical consulting for breweries. Dr. Schönberger was instrumental in the development of Hopsessed, the BarthHaas scheme for sensory analysis of hop aroma. She is also a co-founder of the HopsAcademy, which has been offering seminars for brewers and hop and beer enthusiasts worldwide since 2011. Since 2018, she has also been responsible for the Concept Brewery on the BarthHaas Campus.

Mark Zunkel

Technical Manager Brewing Solutions, aroma chemistry, recipe development, product development, beer & hop sensory analysis

Mark began his professional career in 2001 in the capital of the craft beer movement in Boulder, Colorado/USA. His journey took him to Germany, where he graduated with a degree in brewing and beverage technology. Even then, he was intensively involved with the topic of (hop) aroma in beer.
Since 2011, Mark has been researching and teaching about hop aroma and the innovative use of hops and hop products as Technical Manager at BarthHaas. He leads tastings and is particularly enthusiastic about the new, innovative uses of hops in a wide variety of beverages.

Markus Ernst

Technical Sales Manager Hard Seltzer Expert

As the newest member of the Brewing Solution team, Markus Ernst has dedicated himself entirely to the world of beverages. He is not only interested in beer, but also in the use of hops in other beverages. After completing his training as a chemical-technical assistant, Markus Ernst decided to study brewing and beverage technology in 2016, graduating in 2021 with a master's degree in food quality and product development. With his master's thesis on the development of a Hoppy Hard Seltzer, he was able to combine his expertise and passion for various beverages and hops in particular.

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Questions can also be asked in German at any time. 
All course material is available in German on request.

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