PHA® Topnotes

PHA® Topnotes give your beer the typical dry-hopped aroma of selected varieties – perfect for brewing products with a clear hoppy character.

These pure varietal hop oils without bitterness are 100 % soluble and a natural way of replicating the aroma of hop varieties such as Cascade, Perle and Mt Hood. PHA® Topnotes are easy and efficient to dose, and suitable for light-stable products. As an alternative to pellets, their also minimize your beer loss.

“The authentic dry-hopped character for your beer.”


  • Extracted and distilled from
    hop cones.
  • Supplied in 1 l and 5 l
    aluminum containers
  • Application: Add to
    filtered beers.
  • Shelf life: 2 years (when
    stored properly).

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